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  • Nick McGill

Helping disabled people lead independent lives

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Of all the work that we do at Summit, the aspect I’m most proud of is our involvement in improving homes for people with disabilities. That’s because I know the immediate change for the better it makes to the residents’ lives, and the peace of mind it provides for their families.

We’ve recently completed work to make a bathroom safer for John, a client in Dundee. John’s mobility issues meant using his old bath wasn’t safe, and because of that he was facing the possibility of moving to a care home, something he didn’t want to do.

We removed the existing bath and fitted a walk-in shower with doors, wetroom flooring and wetwall. John can now wash independently and continue to live at home – and the bathroom is far easier to clean, too.

This job got me thinking about the range of services available for people with disabilities to allow them to lead independent lives at home. There’s a lot of help out there, but it can sometimes be difficult to know where to access it: that’s where Disability Information Scotland comes in.

Disability Information Scotland helps people navigate the information and services available to people with disabilities in Scotland. They have a really helpful section setting out how people in different types of accommodation can secure help in adapting it to their needs.

Another great resource, particularly for people in Tayside, is Independent Living Dundee and Angus. Amongst a wealth of useful advice and information is a set of videos showing how adaptations work in practice. They’re great if you are telling a loved one about changes that could make things easier for them at home.

If you’d like to find out more about how Summit Facilities Services can help with adaptations for disabled people, please get in touch on 07786 865451 or drop us a message.

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