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Is your facilities services provider delivering great customer service?

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Here’s what our clients say they most value about the service we provide at Summit. Is your provider up to scratch?

  1. Reliability We turn up on time and we get work finished on time. We never let our clients down.

  2. Responsiveness Urgent request? We’re there straight away. We know our clients have businesses to keep running and tenants to care for, so we react swiftly when we’re needed.

  3. Flexibility Out of hours? At weekends? Overnight? We work whenever suits our clients best.

  4. Ease of contact No call centres or ‘Press Button 1’ systems here! Clients speak direct to our senior team here in Dundee every time.

  5. Technical excellence All our people are fully qualified. We don’t use ‘jacks of all trades’ – we employ and train expert tradespeople, technicians and engineers.

  6. Trustworthiness Our teams are trained and trusted to work in high security areas and in the homes of vulnerable people. They are uniformed, have ID cards and work to a strict code of conduct.

  7. Expert advice and support We go above and beyond to help with our clients’ challenges: we advise on energy efficiency; help develop cost effective maintenance regimes; and keep clients up to date on new rules and regulations.

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