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  • Nick McGill

Keeping costs down and quality up

measurement tool with coins to represent counting the costs

It’s a challenge in any buying decision: finding that balance between cost and quality. At Summit, we work hard to keep costs down for customers while continuing to deliver the very highest standards of service.

Here are just some of the things we do to makes sure we provide high quality, reliable service at an affordable price.

We keep a consistent team

We train our people well and look after them – and they stay with us. That means clients benefit from our people being familiar with their premises and systems, reducing the need site inductions.

We make the most of time

We have many years’ experience of managing large contracts. We know how to programme work efficiently, making the very most of every minute that we work for clients.

We provide transparent pricing

We produce clearly itemised bills so clients don’t have to spend valuable time interpreting invoices.

We keep things local

We serve our mainly local clientele from our base in Dundee. Unlike many national facilities services firms, we don’t have to travel from the central belt, minimising travelling time and call out costs for clients.

We run a lean business

We keep our overheads down – no swanky head offices for us! We keep our running costs down and pass on those savings to our clients through keen pricing.

We embrace the right technology

We minimise time consuming paperwork and speed up completion times by adopting cloud-based admin systems. You won’t see our people filling in reams of paperwork on your time at the end of the day!

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