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Why ‘first time fix’ really matters

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

by Nick McGill, Managing Director, Summit Facilities Services

In our team’s many years of experience, we know that one thing matters to clients more than almost anything else: fixing things first time.

Resolving issues on the first visit – or ‘first time fix’ to use the industry terminology – is a really important contributor to customer satisfaction. For our clients, knowing that if they have a problem we’ll solve it fully and quickly is crucial for peace of mind.

So how do we ensure a first time fix?

The right people. Our team are highly trained and fully qualified, and together have all the skills needed to solve just about any facilities problem imaginable. As well as being experienced, they are resourceful and determined to sort things out for clients as quickly as they can.

The right parts. We hold stock of frequently needed parts and we have strong partnerships with suppliers, meaning we can get hold of the kit we need very quickly.

When we receive a call from a client – and by ‘we’ I mean when I or my operations Director Matthew receive a call (we don’t have a call centre, we answer every call ourselves) – we listen carefully to hear what the problem is, and make sure we send the right person for the job, equipped with what’s likely to be needed to fix it.

Why does first time fix matter? Putting it simply, it’s because our clients need things sorted out quickly. But we think deeper than that. We think about keeping supermarkets open by mending a damaged door on our first visit; about helping vulnerable people feel secure by sorting out their fire alarm without delay; about ensuring a workforce is safe by fixing emergency lighting straight away.

‘First time fix’ may be a simple phrase, but the problems it solves can be a whole lot more complicated. And that’s why it matters.

You can read more about our services here or give me a call on 07786 865451 to discuss how Summit can help you.

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